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Netwatch’s Participation in the International Francophonie Conference

The International Francophonie Conference in Lebanon concluded last week, bringing together over 70 companies and 10 economic institutions from 27 member countries of the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF). The delegation represented a diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, goods, digital services, sustainable energy, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and tourism.

Netwatch was honored to be part of the private sector delegation, invited by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture in Tripoli and North Lebanon. This conference is part of a well-organized and impactful initiative to promote French-speaking countries as attractive destinations for international trade and investments. Previous engagements in different regions have focused on knowledge exchange and exploring business opportunities and collaborations across sectors. We aspire to leverage this experience to advance our goal of expanding our operations and entering new markets.

At Netwatch, we believe that active participation in such conferences is a crucial step in our expansion strategy. We aim to invest in building new partnerships and nurturing business relationships that enhance our presence both domestically and internationally.

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